ROUNDTABLE | All Together Now: Artists’ Collectives Push and Pull

Chair: Camara Dia Holloway, ACRAH

Photo courtesy of Laura Kina

Artists’ collectives are not new phenomena. Yet in this era of mass movements and mass markets, artists are acting upon the desire and impulse to work together in affinity groups, organized for political purposes, ethno-racial solidarity and visibility, and professional equity in the art industry.

In this session panelists who belong to collectives discuss the origins of their organizations, their present projects, and their future prospects. We have invited the artists’ collectives Postcommodity, Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter, the 1491s, the 3.9 Art Collective of San Francisco, and the Weeksville Legacy Project to participate in this session. Apropos the structure of collectives, the decision to accept the invitation must be considered by the members. We are awaiting the outcome of these collectives’ consideration of this roundtable discussion.


Anjali Goyal and Ambika Trasi

South Asian Women’s Creative Collective


Robyn Hillman-Harrigan

Canaries Collective


Cheryl Derricotte 

3.9 Art Collective of San Francisco


Sam Vernon 

Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter


Photo courtesy of Laura Kina


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