These bibliographies are an English-language resource for people investigating issues of race and ethnicity in art and visual culture.  The subject headings are at once broad and restricting, reflecting the limitations of established scholarly categories:

African Diaspora/African American

Asian Diaspora/Asian American


Latin American/Latinx/Chicanx

Native American/First Nations/Indigenous

The bibliographies are divided by region, and include scholarship on the “Global South,” as well as non-Western perspectives. Special attention is paid to minoritarian discourses, as well as issues of racialization.  At the moment, there is a conspicuous absence of literature on Whiteness and the Middle East, which we hope to address in the coming months.  These lists are by no means comprehensive, nor are they fixed: they will be updated periodically to reflect feedback and suggestions.

The bibliographies were organized by Caitlin Beach (Columbia University), Layla Bermeo (MFA Boston), and Marci Kwon (Stanford University). Sean Nesselrode Moncada (Rhode Island School of Design) contributed a majority of the section on Latin America.

We would like to thank Chad Infante and Jamie Parra for their help in compiling these lists, as well as Camara Holloway and Jacqueline Francis for their support and encouragement.

We welcome recommendations for inclusion in the bibliographies. You may use the following form to submit items for consideration:


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