Reading Groups

It is our hope that the Bibliographies will spark discussion among scholars and in the classroom. To further this aim, we are launching a number of informal Reading Groups across the United States beginning in January 2017.

Bay Area

Starting January 2017
Hosted in conjunction with Stanford’s Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity

First Meeting: Thursday, January 26, 12pm
Contact: Marci Kwon (


Starting February 2017
Contact: Layla Bermeo (

New York

Starting January 2017
Contact: Caitlin Beach ( and Jennifer Chuong (


Starting September 2017
Contact: Sean Nesselrode Moncada (

Washington D.C.

Starting January 2017
Contact: JV Decemvirale (


If you are interested in getting involved, or if you would like to start a reading group of your own, please email

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