FEL: Curatorial Fellowship–Postcolonial, sexuality & race studies

Fellowship Deadline Today (Feb. 15, 2016) for Applications for a Curatorial Fellowship for Postcolonial Perspectives on LBTIQ-Heritages

Within the framework of the ‚International Museum Fellowship’ program run by the German Federal Culture Foundation, the Gay Museum will announce a fellowship on April 1st, 2016.
With its highly regarded exhibitions, archival holdings, numerous contributions to research and more than thirty-five (mostly volunteer) staff, the Schwules Museum* has, since its founding in 1985, grown into one of the world’s largest and most significant institutions for archiving, researching and communicating the history and culture of LGBTIQ communities. Different exhibitions and events have taken diverse approaches to lesbian, gay, trans*, bi- and intersexual and queer biographies, themes and concepts in history, art and culture.
In over 150 special exhibitions shown over the past 30 years, the museum has presented a broad spectrum of perspectives on the history of homosexual cultures. Being over 500m2, the museum has at its disposal one of the largest archives in the world, which includes more than 1000 metres of archive material (files, newspaper cut outs, videos, posters, photographs, paintings, sculptures and so on). Within the framework of the project, specially chosen items from the archives and selected exhibition projects should undergo a critical examination. Using an intersectional perspective, the ways in which European colonialism was interwoven with cultural discourses of homosexual emancipation should be examined. Questions should be posed regarding the ways in which exhibition practices and collection strategies engage in critical self-reflection.
The results will be presented in an exhibition or as an intervention in the new permanent exhibition which is currently being planned. This presentation will be part of a program which places particular value on participative practices. The proposal is directed at academics and curators from outside of Germany with the following profile:
– A completed degree in cultural studies or a related field.
– In-depth knowledge of Gender Studies/ Queer Theory/ Postcolonial Studies/ Critical Whiteness Studies.
– Experience in archive-based research.
– Curatorial experience, particularly in the area of cultural history.
– Knowledge of Microsoft Office, including (archival) data base programs.
– Languages: Written and spoken English, German to C1 level.
The Fellowship involves full-time work (100%) for a duration of 18 months, remuneration is based on TV-L 13/1, and work will be based in Berlin.

Please send your application including all your details as a single document, maximum 5 MB with your name included in the heading (your name.pdf) before February, 15th, 2016 to: jobs@schwulesmuseum.de.Schwules Museum website

Author: Jacqueline Francis

Writer, educator, curator, arts consultant, and occasional artist in San Francisco, California. Follow me on Twitter @JackieFrancisSF and Instagram--jackiefrancissf

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