Mexico Barbie Doll Sparks Online Controvery


As part of its “Dolls of the World” collection, toy manufacturerMattel has recently released the Mexico Barbie Doll. Some online critics, though, are not happy with the doll, saying it inflames cultural stereotypes.

The Mexican doll, which is dressed in a ruffled pink dress, comes with a passport and is accompanied by a small Chihuahua for the retail price of $29.95. In particular, many are taking offense to the symbolic nature of the passport.

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Jason Ruiz, an American studies professor at Notre Dame University told Good Morning America that the inclusion of the passport hits particularly sensitive nerves in the Mexican-American community amid heightened dispute over the immigration politics in the United States.

“It is a point of contention and great sensitivity for people of Mexican origin, especially Mexican immigrants,” said Ruiz. “Papers decide everything for immigrants from Mexico.”

Ruiz also mentions…

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Author: Camara Dia Holloway

I am an art historian specializing in early twentieth century American art with particular focus on the history of photography, race and representation, and transatlantic modernist networks. I earned my PhD at Yale University in the History of Art Department. Besides my leadership role as the Founding Co-Director of the Association for Critical Race Art History (ACRAH), I am recognized for my expertise on African American Art, particularly African American Photography, and as a seasoned consultant for exhibitions, museum collections, and symposia/lectures planning.

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