New Issue: ARC Magazine, Volume 6

Repeating Islands

The ARC Magazine team announces Volume 6, which “brings together a mélange of artists, scholars and writers in collaboration exploring and experimenting with formal and preconceived elements of beauty, alchemy, aesthetics, nationhood, independence, and burdens of representations. Featured artists and writers from Haiti, Guyana, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Cuba, The Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Chile, France, St. Kitts and Nevis, Aruba, Suriname, The Netherlands, The United States, and Australia, interrogate and expand on a variety of media, including photography, sculpture, painting, illustration, new media, drawing, performance, and mixed media.

Brief summary of content: Trinidadian artist and scholar Dr. Andil Gosine intervenes with Shastri Maharaj’s practice. Gosine traverses the traditional surface of Maharaj’s work to resolve the reconstitution of memory and identity that reimagines Indianness in its relationship to the creolite. Martinican writer Suzanne Lampla explores the growing exploration of artists conquering the streets to present social, political and…

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Author: Camara Dia Holloway

I am an art historian specializing in early twentieth century American art with particular focus on the history of photography, race and representation, and transatlantic modernist networks. I earned my PhD at Yale University in the History of Art Department. Besides my leadership role as the Founding Co-Director of the Association for Critical Race Art History (ACRAH), I am recognized for my expertise on African American Art, particularly African American Photography, and as a seasoned consultant for exhibitions, museum collections, and symposia/lectures planning.

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