Lubaina Himid, Thin Black Line(s): Moments and Connections During the 1980s for the Women Artists (2011)

The exhibition Thin Black Line(s) closed at Tate Britain in March, but the exhibition catalog is an invaluable record of the show’s commemoration of “Black British art” in the 1980s. The catalog reproduces the work of Sutapa Biswas, Sonia Boyce, Lubaina Himid, Claudette Johnson, Ingrid Pollard, Veronica Ryan, and Maud Sulter; it also includes archival material documenting that decade of creative and progressive political alliances among these artists of African, Asian, and Caribbean descent. ISBN 978-0-9571579-0-3


Author: Jacqueline Francis

Writer, educator, curator, arts consultant, and occasional artist in San Francisco, California. Follow me on Twitter @JackieFrancisSF and Instagram--jackiefrancissf

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