CFP: African and its diasporas @ n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal

n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal
Volume 31: Africa and its diasporas (Jan 2013)
Guest Editor: Bisi Silva, independent curator and Director CCA, Lagos
(Copy deadline: 15 October 2012, to be published Jan 2013)

In the last two decades, there has been an exponential growth in the visibility of a new generation of women visual artists on or from the continent of Africa as well as a diversification not only in the medium but also in the breadth and complexity of the themes and issues with which they engage, which include the body, sexuality as well as questions of history, culture, patriarchy and post-colonialism. The aim of the volume is to look at women artists’ production across the over 50 countries that make up the continent of Africa as well as at African women artists working in Europe, South and North America and the Caribbean.  The African diaspora is diverse stretching across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, the Americas and across Europe.

Women artists from Africa, and of African descent, have been producing work which questions and challenges both their contemporary situation and their complex histories. This special volume will publish work which addresses these concerns and focuses on the cultural production of women artists who define themselves as black/African/Afro-Caribbean/Afro-American across the globe as well as first/second/third/and even fourth generations of immigrants in different countries. Contributions about contemporary art produced by women which reflect on the effects of the migration of African people around the world – during and after slavery – during and after Colonialism –pre- and post-1960s Independence – will be welcomed.

Critical essays as well as in-depth interviews offering a pan- or trans-African perspective on contemporary women artists (visual arts only, post-1970) will be welcomed from women artists or writers (art historians, critics and curators). We invite 300-400 words abstract by the 11th of June 2012 (Final contributions by Oct 15th 2012)

For more information about how to contribute please email Bisi Silva

About n.paradoxa
international feminist art journal
Founded in 1998, n.paradoxa publishes scholarly and critical articles written by women critics, art historians and artists on the work of contemporary women artists post-1970 (visual arts only) working anywhere in the world. Each thematic volume in print contains artists and authors from more than 10 countries in the world and explores their work in relation to feminist theory.

n.paradoxa is published bi-annually (January and July) in print as volume numbers (ISSN: 1461-0424). n.paradoxa is now available for sale in print and electronic forms by subscription. KT press is the publisher of n.paradoxa and operates as a not-for-profit publishing company whose aim is to promote understanding of women artists and their work.


Author: Camara Dia Holloway

I am an art historian specializing in early twentieth century American art with particular focus on the history of photography, race and representation, and transatlantic modernist networks. I earned my PhD at Yale University in the History of Art Department. Besides my leadership role as the Founding Co-Director of the Association for Critical Race Art History (ACRAH), I am recognized for my expertise on African American Art, particularly African American Photography, and as a seasoned consultant for exhibitions, museum collections, and symposia/lectures planning.

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