Film revealing economic power of Diaspora to be screened at Caribbean Diaspora Forum

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A documentary which reveals the economic power of the Caribbean Diaspora will be screened at the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)’s Diaspora Forum in New York on 5 June.

The documentary, Forward Home: The Power of the Caribbean Diaspora, showcases the experiences of members of the Caribbean Diaspora who straddle the dual worlds of Caribbean Homelands and Global Cities as tourists, travellers and entrepreneurs, and the organizations that make the relationship work, according to Dr. Keith Nurse, the film’s executive producer.

“The documentary maps the uncharted territory of diasporic tourism and provides empirical evidence to support what we have known anecdotally, which is that the diasporic economy is of huge significance to the diversification and competitiveness of the Caribbean economy,” said Dr. Nurse, who is the director of the Shridath Ramphal Centre (SRC) of the University of the West Indies (UWI). The SRC is a training, research and outreach organization…

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‘Quinceañera’ brings Latin flair to film fest

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THE CUBAN ANIMATED feature “Chico and Rita,” which has been nominated for an Academy Award, will be screened during “La Quinceañera” at the 15th annual Sonoma International Film Festival, as Emily Charrier-Botts reports for The Tribune.

The Sonoma International Film Festival will mark its 15th birthday in April with a new offering aimed at celebrating Spanish-language films. “La Quinceañera Film Fiesta,” a two-day festival within the festival, will bring a wide variety of cinema, from features to documentaries, representing some of the 16 Spanish-speaking countries that produce films.

“Films will be from all over, with an emphasis on films from Mexico,” said Claudia Mendoza-Carruth, who is organizing “La Quinceañera” for the film festival.

The Sonoma International Film Festival takes place Wednesday through Sunday, April 11 to 15. “La Quinceañera” is set from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, April 14 and 15, with a kick off…

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New Film: Kevin MacDonald’s “Marley”

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The United States (Magnolia Pictures) acquired the distribution rights to the multiple award-winning Scottish director Kevin MacDonald’s documentary about the life, music, and legacy of Bob Marley.

The film, Marley, will be in theaters across the United States on April 20, 2012, and also will be available in Video on Demand and digital format. reports that “ironically, the release date of 4/20 is a reference to cannabis culture, of which Marley was a big advocate.”

The world premiere began on February 9 at the Berlin Film Festival and its North American premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in March. [Also see previous post Bob Marley film to be shown at Berlin fest.]

MacDonald(The Last King of Scotland), who has taken charge of the first Marley family-sanctioned film about the world-renowned singer, was granted access to rare and unseen footage from their private archives for inclusion in the…

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Coming-of-Age Drama ‘Better Mus’ Come’ Wins Audience Award at Bahamas Film Festival

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“On Wings of Men,” about the Bahamas’ first prime minster, won a similar award for docu- mentaries, Borys Kit reports in The Holly- wood Reporter.

Better Mus’ Come, a violent Jamaican coming-of-age drama, won the audience award for best narrative feature Sunday at the 8th Bahamas International Film Festival, while On the Wings of Men, a documentary centering on the first Bahamian prime minister Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, took home the 2011 BIFF audience award in the documentary category.

Mus’ Come, directed by Storm Saulter, proved a hot title at the festival, as it also received an honorable mention in the Spirit of Freedom category, which honors movies that explore the human condition and culture (Brazlian movieVIPS won the award).

One of the stars of Mus’ ComeNicole Sky Grey, also was featured in Restless City, an American production that…

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Storm Saulter: Keeps Getting Better

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Busy plotting follow-up film projects to his debut feature film Better Mus’ Come, a reflective Storm Saulter squeezed some time in for an interview with SO last week at his West King’s House Road production office. Back on The Rock after an eventful trip last weekend to the prestigious Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) where Better Mus’ Come snagged the Audience Award and an honourable mention in the Spirit of Freedom category, the talented director’s elation came shining through his controlled demeanour. After all, accolades are still rolling in for the beloved little movie that could, as Jamaica’s Observer reports.

While Jamaican audiences saw the movie during its local run months ago, momentum for the searing 1970s-set political drama is steadily picking up steam beyond our shores. Before the recognition at BIFF, the film picked up Best Feature Film and Fan Favourite honours at the Trinidad and Tobago Film…

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Film Screening: “Reyita”

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Casa de las Américas’ Afro.doc cycle will end tomorrow, Thursday, December 15, 2011, at 3:00pm with the screening of Reyita, by Catalan filmmakers Oliva Acosta and Elena Ortega. The Afro.doc cycle has taken place this year at the Manuel Galich Room at Casa, in Havana, Cuba, where they have presented a series of documentaries dealing with the history and the current state of black presence in Cuba and the Americas.

This 2006 documentary focuses on María de los Reyes Castillo Bueno (Reyita), a black woman—poor, devotee of the Virgin Mary, mother of eight children, and victim of racial discrimination from an early age—who lived in Cuba between 1902 and 1997. A year before her death, Daisy Rubiera Castillo presented to the Casa de las Américas Award, the testimonial narrative of this woman, her mother; the jury considered the book to be a jewel of the testimonial genre. In Spanish…

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Documentary Film “Curaçao” Wins Dutch Film Critics Award

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Sander Snoep and Sarah Vos’ film Curaçao has won the Dutch Film Critics Award at the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht. The film, which stunned many in Curaçao, is about the separate worlds of the Dutch Europeans and Curaçaoans in everyday life on the island. Curaçao premiered in the Netherlands in November 2010 at the IDFA Documentary Festival. In Curaçao, the film was screened to packed theaters in its Spring 2011 premiere.

Nino Klingler writes in Nisimazine:

A small island off the Venezuelan coast, populated by people originating from two different places both thousands of kilometers east, yet worlds apart. Bluntly speaking: black and white. In more refined words: descendants of former slaves from Africa and descendants of former slave owners from the Netherlands.

On this island called Curaçao, we find traces of a hopelessly entangled history, asymmetrically fragmenting a society into rich and poor, powerful and obedient. Traces…

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Jean Gentil takes top prize at T&T Film Festival; Full List of Awards

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The story of a Haitian man looking for spiritual peace has taken the main prize at the trinidad+tobago film festival 2011 (ttff/11), presented by Flow.

The Festival, in its sixth annual edition, ran from 21 September to 04 October. The awards were presented at a ceremony on Sunday 02 October.

Jean Gentil, directed by Israel Cárdenas of Mexico and Laura Guzmán of the Dominican Republic, took the jury prize for the overall best narrative feature film.

A documentary about the Black Power uprising that took place in Trinidad and Tobago in 1970 won the prize for best local feature film. Entitled ’70: Remembering a Revolution, the film was directed by Alex de Verteuil and Elizabeth Topp.

Hit Me with Music, a documentary about Jamaica’s dancehall culture, proved a popular film on the night. The film, directed by Miquel Galofré, picked up two awards: the jury prize…

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The Dominican Republic to Host Meeting of African and Caribbean Filmmakers

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The 2nd Meeting of African and Caribbean Filmmakers and their Diasporas will be held in the Dominican Republic in 2012, following an agreement by participants in the first edition of the event, which wound up on Friday in Havana.

With help from the Office of the Caribbean Cinema Traveling Exhibition, which hosted the meeting in Havana, organizers plan a series of films from Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean as well as their Diasporas, which will tour the country.

Filmmakers, academicians and specialists from some 30 nations signed the document of agreement reached at the meeting after a week of debates on topics regarding the conditions of the seventh art in the areas under discussion and the possibilities of expanding the promotion of their cinemas.

Among the signatories to the declaration there are renowned figures in international filmmaking like US actor Danny Glover, African filmmaker Souleymane Cisse, and Zozimo Bulbul, director…

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Film: Christian Lara’s “Héritage Perdue”

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Cinema Libre Studio’s Ana Pineda has just announced that Guadeloupean filmmaker Christian Lara’s 2010 film Héritage Perdue [Lost Heritage] is about to be released on DVD (September 2011). Lost Heritage “continues the filmmaker’s exploration of identity, culture and race.” The DVD will also include an introduction by Ayuko Babu, director of the Pan African Film Festival, and the informative featurette “The Films of Christian Lara.”

Description: Lost Heritage tells the tale of Pierre Mombin (Luc Saint Eloy) who travels to a remote African kingdom to claim an inheritance. He discovers, through the prophecy of the former king’s preserved skull, that he is the last male descendant of the royal family. As he learns more about his lineage from the trickster witch doctor, it becomes clear there is a darker side to the prophecy that foretold his return. Meanwhile, in an attempt to secure peace between the northern and southern…

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